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Music Teacher Profile

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Micah teaches guitar, bass guitar.
He lives in Pendleton, IN, 46064 and will drive 40 miles.

Teaching venues:
in your home, in school, Community facilities.

Teaching schedule:
Sunday: afternoon, evening
Monday: morning, afternoon, evening
Tuesday: morning, afternoon, evening
Wednesday: morning, afternoon, evening
Thursday: morning, afternoon, evening
Friday: morning, afternoon, evening
Saturday: morning, afternoon, evening.

Age Requirements:
Minimum age that Micah will teach is 12, maximum - adult.

Teaching Philosophy:
...I like to approach teaching by including what a student wants to learn with what a student needs to learn. Seeing as how most students are hobbyists it is more important to focus on music they enjoy playing, while learning the fundamental tools to play...."

Education & Experience:
Anderson University- B.A. Music

Pop, rock, jazz, classical, bluegrass, country, blues, funk

Contact Information:

E-Mail for More Information

tel: 317-293-6683

Studio Location:
(locations shown are approximate)

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