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Music Teacher Profile

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Andrew (Marty)

Andrew (Marty) teaches guitar, bass guitar, flute, piano.
He lives in Indianapolis, IN, 46240 and will drive 30 miles.

Teaching venues:
in your home, in his studio, in school, Community facilities, Online.

Teaching schedule:
Sunday: morning, afternoon, evening
Monday: morning, afternoon, evening
Tuesday: morning, afternoon, evening
Wednesday: morning, afternoon, evening
Thursday: morning, afternoon, evening
Friday: morning, afternoon, evening
Saturday: morning, afternoon, evening.

Age Requirements:
Minimum age that Andrew (Marty) will teach is preschooler, maximum - adult.

Teaching Philosophy:
...Comprehensive musical inquiry for the beginner requires both cognitive application and aesthetic appreciation, though it is the appreciation which must first be encouraged and supported. With desire established and augmented through listening and participation, investigation of practical theory and musical styles can begin within the context of general interest.

The intermediate musician may focus on theory, repertoire and performance skills through structured practice and recital, both of which should be based upon an analysis of players performance level and interest.

The advanced musician has many avenues of inquiry available, most of which, resources of time and interest being equal, are predicated upon skill level, and goals, and are best judged through analysis of performance, and discussions with the student. These include but are certainly not limited to; score analysis, idiomatic performance standards, contextual knowledge, practice modalities, performance preparation, and so on...."

Education & Experience:
New Mexico University, studied w Hector Garcia, 1980
IU Bloomington 1976

classical, jazz, rock, world, flamenco

Contact Information:

E-Mail for More Information

tel: 317-293-6683

Studio Location:
(locations shown are approximate)

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